Covering the state GOP convention

The City Beat got wrangled into live blogging from the Republican convention at Grand Forks’ Alerus Center this weekend. I’m discovering that this means doing a kind of Twitterish play-by-play in front of a laptop all day. Depending on how slow things are, I may get up to talk with people and take a break from this instead. Maybe I’ll be able to invite people over to say “hi.”

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23 Responses to Covering the state GOP convention

  1. Tu-Uyen Rocks says:

    Most. Awesome. Blog. Ever.

    Great play by play. Great insight. Will download it for those days I need a good laugh!

  2. I wonder... says:

    …if you’ll be making as many cynical remarks when the Dems hold their convention.

    Excuse me but your bias is showing…

    BTW, the 69,000 is how many North Dakotans SERVED in WWII, not how many vets are left.

  3. Avatar of Tu-Uyen says:

    You know nothing of my politics, friend. I’ve voted for John Hoeven and Wayne Stenehjem every time they’ve been on the ballot. And there are a few other Republicans I know of that I’d vote for if I were in their district.

    I’m cynical because I’m a moderate and I hate stupid nonsensical rhetoric. When the super liberal wing of the Democratic party becomes as virulent and obnoxious as the super conservative/religious wing of the Republican party, I’ll get on their case.

    Read this conservative’s take and you’ll know where I come from:

  4. I wonder says:

    “When the super liberal wing of the Democratic party becomes as virulent and obnoxious”

    WHEN it becomes?!

    Again, your bias is showing.

  5. Long time reader says:

    Based on all your previous comments on all posts, your denial of having a liberal bias is laughable.

    I love it when the MSM claims to be unbiased, it’s so adorably silly, like they think we believe them.

  6. C. Y. says:

    So NOW you believe Bush’s former speech writer?

    You think we dont’ remember your support of the “Government knows how to spend my money better than I do!”

  7. dagmar says:

    Dear Readers, There is a difference between cynicism and bias. Signed, Another cynical moderate

  8. we're not dumb says:

    When you’re only cynical when it comes to one side…then you’re biased.

  9. Silence is deafening says:

    What?! No snarky comments from the poorly attended DemocRAT convention?

    Sure, there’ no bias here…move along, nothing to see here, folks…

  10. Anon says:

    What’s up with the blog, dog? Pretty weak recently.

    What’s the Hyman story?

  11. ndsu bison says:

    HEy Tu Yang. What in the HELL is wrong with the Herald trying to think they can influence anyone with their editorial
    = March 27 2010
    OUR OPINION: Keep Hanson on the list for NDSU president

    who are these editorials? here’s a scoop for you on a story. Ex Chancellor Robert Potts is hunting buddies with Hietkemp from KFGO (thats been reported before) now they are trying to persuade Richie Smith of the SBOHE to keep hanson. for what reason? to bring NDSU back down to the level of UND. How transparent is this pile of poo!

    Shame on the Herald for running a totally biased editorial, its embarassing to read it, its time for you to move on to a better city man, you are better than them.

  12. ianmore says:

    NDSU bison, isn’t an editorial usually an opinion piece… Pretty sure it shows up under the opinion area of the paper…

    By the way. Captain Obvious wants his cap back dry cleaned.

  13. C. Y. says:

    The convention must have been hard on 2E as his blog seems to have died since then.

  14. anon says:

    Seriously…what’s up with the blog, Mr. City Beat?

  15. Sorry says:

    going to have to drop as one of my homepages. Nothing changes here.

  16. ianmore says:

    They must have cut another reporter at the Herald… Not Tu Writes the whole paper… Oh wait. Ryan Johnson Writes the other half… Marilyn Hagerty writes all the filler that no one reads cause it makes about as much sense as watching season 3 of “Lost” without seeing the previous seasons…

  17. C. Y. says:

    2E’s byline is still in the fish wrap – he must have decided he can’t fool all of us all the time.

  18. Avatar of Terry Dullum Terry Dullum says:

    R.I.P. City Beat.

  19. RiverdalePK says:

    Conservatives call anything anything that’s backed up with reason and facts, liberal – funny.

  20. gf herald reader says:

    did the info-center close and tranny run out of sources?

  21. force hockey says:

    any news on danny kristo and lameroux and a couple other UNDERAGE und hockey players drinking at the fargo force game thursday night??

  22. ianmore says:

    Force hockey, who cares? How come you’re not asking about any other underage drinkers at the game? I can’t tell you a high school hockey game that didn’t involve alcohol up in grand forks when i was going to school… Not that it makes it right. It just isn’t news worthy. Some guy that hits a puck around on a sheet of ice downing a beer? not all that interesting if you ask me…

  23. sjk says:

    I know this isn’t the right place to put this, but I wanted to see what you think about this fact. That Altru is “realigning” departments because of the new wonderful Epic system that they paid 28 million dollars for. So that means close to 100 people are not going to have jobs, granted some people will be able to get other jobs within the system, but not all of us. Yet Dave Molmen has been in the paper and on the news saying what a positive impact the new system will have and how wonderful it will be. And that noone would be loosing there jobs.