Dorgan on Colbert

The City Beat went home to prepare supper and caught Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., on the Colbert Report (or click here), which turned into a short story for the paper.

I normally don’t watch the Colbert Report because Stephen Colbert‘s so good at imitating bombastic talkshow hosts he reminds me of the real thing and I hate those SOBs. But since Dorgan was on and talking about North Dakota, I stuck with it.

Regardless of whether you ride an elephant or an ass donkey, you gotta love it when the nation notices that there is a North Dakota. And the senator took full advantage of the limelight to bring North Dakota into the conversation. I think he mentioned the state at least five times in what was just a five-minute interview, which was mostly about the credit crisis, banking deregulation and this book (Not trying to hawk his book, but apparently there are no reviews online. He’s too busy for a book tour, I guess.).

Colbert gave Dorgan credit for foreseeing the consequences of the deregulation during one of those lulls where he’s out of character, the character being an obnoxious fool like Bill O’Reilly or that more obnoxious and even bigger fool Glenn Beck. I noted a while back that Time magazine had given the same credit.

Anyway, back to North Dakota, which Colbert called “South Dakota’s North Korea” back in 2006. Hey, The Onion beat you to the metaphorical punch, pal.

This time, he’s asking things like, “To be fair, you are the senator from North Dakota. Do you guys have ATMs yet?” or “What else do they do in North Dakota? There’s growing wheat, I know that.” Haha.

Dude. We have nukes. (See The Onion.)

The senator went on to invite Colbert and his studio audience to come to North Dakota, with Colbert paying for the tickets. They applauded like crazy, which is either sarcasm or genuine enthusiasm. The last time we had a national media figure mock us, I believe we, by which I mean Grand Forks, named a machine that pumps poo after him.

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10 Responses to Dorgan on Colbert

  1. Right says:

    Makes me wonder what your big beef with Bill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck are? Oh that’s right they expose liberials for what they are – hypocrites.

  2. Middle says:

    I was a conservative, but the last eight years show me the error of my ways.

  3. Billo says:

    That’s funny. I always thought the right was a bunch of hypocrites. I guess the brush can swipe both ways depending on your flavor of the political kool-aid.

  4. Avatar of Tu-Uyen says:

    Right: I respect people who make interesting new arguments so it’s not whether they’re right or left. O’Reilly and Beck don’t do that. You obviously have nothing new or interesting to say either.

    While I don’t loathe MSNBC’s Matthew Olbermann or Rachel Maddow like I loathe the guys on Fox, I can’t watch them either. Too much time spent on evil conservatives or, weirdly enough, Bill O’Reilly. You go to MSNBC to escape that smug SOB and there he is as the “worst person in the world.”

    So there you go. I’m with Middle. I’d just as soon cleanse the political system of right and left and keep the guys in the middle.

    Learn to think for yourself, Right, instead of nodding along with whatever the talking heads tell ya.

  5. did you hear says:

    last night (i think), olby said that he would never ever use the image of bill o, or even mention him again. olby won’t even use him for worst person in the world.

    i am the opposite of you tu. i lothe the guys(olby and maddow) on msnbc, and i can watch fox. i don’t watch either. i catch the headlines on channel 8 news, then on to something else.

  6. meest says:

    I can’t watch bill o’reilly because he doesn’t let anyone else talk except for himself. and when someone does he has to raise his voice to the point of it turning into a shouting match.

    It reminds me of an elementary school lunch room…

    Needless to say I can’t seem to stand watching any of those guys. I prefer to figure out what i agree with myself direct from the choices.

  7. Orwick says:

    Dorgan was spot on with his views and predictions of the financial crisis. Watch his floor speeches Part 1 and 2 on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. It is nice to see directly what Senators, like Dorgan, were saying about the financial crisis without having it spun by the talking heads.

  8. Right says:

    By the way, it isn’t as hard as one might think for me to get around with Fox News’ hand so far up my rear.

  9. Avatar of Tu-Uyen says:

    Oh, come on, let’s not be spoofing other people’s pseudonyms. The guy known as “Right” didn’t just say that.

  10. Paul says:

    They’re all blowhards. I’ll stick with National Public Radio. To be fair, Cheney was more of a fascist than a conservative. To me a conservative is someone like a Gerald Ford or Bush I. But the Republicans ruined themselves and they don’t have anyone to blame but themselves.